Your Haircare System


Welcome to the YHS Haircare website for Professional Hairstylists and Aestheticians. We provide our products directly to Professionals only for their use at the Back Bar or Treatment Room and for their Professional Homecare recommendations.

Our focus is to provide Professionals with quality, high end, green, performance-based products that make a difference in our Client’s lives. YHS Haircare is a system that has professional application, as well a great line for Professional Homecare Recommendations.

If you are a Professional, the first step in being able to order our products is to go the Navigation Bar at the top of the page and tap Professional Application. Fill out the application and submit to us.

Once we receive your application, we will then send you our formal Agreement for your signature, as well as signing a short statement that was sent to you along with the Agreement. Once these two items are done and sent back to us, we then open Shopify, our online shopping cart, for you to purchase our great products.

As a Consumer, If You like our product descriptions, please ask your favorite Hairstylist / Aesthetician to evaluate them for your hair.

YHS will be checking your License and Resale license with your State Board so that we know we are only dealing with Professionals.

It is critical to understand that as a manufacturer, we must control where our products land and then go; by taking control of our destiny and the reason for the formal Agreement.

DIVERSION has killed one of the most profitable income streams salons/spas and their Hairstylists/Aestheticians had in being able to pass on the professional only products they used in the salon/spa to their clientele; reducing their compensation by 15 to 20%.

As a Professional, we ask that you join our Movement supporting “Keeping Professional products – Exclusive to the Professional Hair Stylist / Aesthetician”

Our support objective is to offer unique professional education that is focused on Alan’s hair cutting and design “Method” and business education that supports your efforts in developing and growing your business and income levels.

With most of states now moving professionals into “Independent Contractors”, as opposed to commission-based Hairstylists/Aestheticians, it is vital that they understand that Independents are now managing a business, as well as working for it.

If you are a true Professional, Say Yes to YHS…. Your
Haircare System.

Please contact us with any questions.



What's inside?

Your Haircare System matters, which is why we've added these key ingredients to our products. 

Sunflower Seed Extract – Your Haircare System

Sunflower Seed Extract:

Contain vital vitamins and minerals which are needed for healthy hair such as protein, selenium, vitamins E and B.

Burdock Root Extract Your Haircare System

Burdock Root Extract:

Can help strengthen hair by nourishing the scalp due to its vitamin A content and essential fatty acids. It may also reduce the symptoms of scalp conditions including dandruff, itchy scalp, redness and scalp infection.

Horsetail Extract Your Haircare System

Horsetail Extract:

With naturally occurring silica, the horsetail plant helps maintain the strength of hair, nails and even bones. It also prevents split ends and dandruff.

Carica Papaya Fruit Extract Your Haircare System

Carica Papaya Fruit Extract:

Papaya helps in nourishing the hair shaft and creates volume at the root. Prevents hair loss with its rich nutrients and boosts the growth of hair. Papaya also removes excess oil, chemical build up and dirt from your hair naturally with the help of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It will also add incredible shine to dull, lifeless hair.

Shea Butter Your Haircare System

Shea Butter:

A natural conditioner for the hair due to its moisturizing and healing properties that will help soothe dry, itchy scalps. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that absorb into the skin without clogging pores. Rich in vitamin A and E to help repair breakage and mend split ends.

Apple Fruit Extract Your Haircare System

Apple Fruit Extract:

A hair growth booster that contains biotin which has been heralded as the natural growth steroid for hair and nails. Research has indicated that biotin promotes hair growth and infuses strength and thickness into each strand.